App Inventor - How do I Get an IP?

Hi. How can I get the IP of my smartphone in APPInventor? I am connected to a wifi network and need my local IP. I want to do it so that it automatically appears in the application after starting it if it detects the WIFI network on the smartphone.

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ok works, but there is a message when checking get SSID
if wifi is off. And it cannot be turned off or translated into another language :frowning:

You can retrieve the IP Address using this extension :

That page does not exist anymore...

the extension works great and gets IP but I also use:
Get current WiFi SSID and if I have WIFI turned off, it will pop up the message in English. And I make the application in Polish ... and I would like to edit it ...

The error will pop-up in English because the system language is English.
If you know the error code, use the screen.error occurred event and send the error message in Polish.

From the Taifun WI-FI extension

Use get method from web using the URL which has the IP.

The solution to your problem is to check two options in the Taifun extension settings. Check "SuppressSuccessMessage" and "SuppressWarnings". You will then not have any messages from the extension.

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I set it to "true". it works

thank you

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