App Inventor Gcloud BuildServer Error | Cant Build AAB Or APK

Hello App Inventor Community Friends. I Have Already Develop app inventor source in my own. Now I wanna Ad it to g cloud. i add it to g cloud using this command

gcloud app deploy --project= --version=1 appengine/build/war/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml

I Had Successfully Added It In Gcloud. But I Can't Build APK Or AAB. Always Coming This Error

Build failed! Connection refused (Connection refused)

But it works fine on my computer

I Think Not Host To BuildServer Files.

What I Due For It?

First I Tel You I Don't Have Good Knowledge For Gcloud And Java

I Had Use Only Above The Command.

Can Anyone Simpley Guide Me.
Thanks .. :pray: :pray:

The buildservers are a separate infrastructure from what runs in Google's App Engine (App Engine isn't capable [or wasn't in the past] of running the code that the buildserver needs).

You need a separate computer (can be a virtual computer in Google Compute Engine) where you run the buildserver code.

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In addition, once you've set up the build server on another machine, you'll need to set the property in appengine/war/WEB-INF/appengine-web.xml to point to your server.

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how to du it sir?

now i get g cloud computer engine. but i dont no. what i wanna du..
plz help me sir

hello anyone can reply me. what is the i wanna run buildserver code ?
i have alrady buy Google Compute Engine. but i dont no what is the buildserver code ....... :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

i try
On the buildserver machine, connect to the buildserver folder, and run the command

tar -xf BuildServer.tar

This should produce a folder called lib.

Finally, in the buildserver folder, run


this. tar -xf BuildServer.tar type in my g cloud terminal but it not working

Did you actually tar up and copy over the build server files?

Also, if you're doing this for your own personal use, there's no need to run a separate system. You can run ant RunLocalBuildServer in your source directory to use the build server.

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hallo sir..
i upload my project to google cloud
but build sever is not working . i dont have any ida what i wanna du.
i cant build apk or aab.
i have alredy by appengine and computer engine . but i cant build aab or apk always come this error : Build failed! Connection refused (Connection refused)

I am trying very hard to solve this problem.

this command not work in gcloud Shell.
plz support me :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

now come this error

Server error: could not build target. Please try again later!

user@instance-1:~/BuildServer$ ./launch-buildserver

-bash: ./launch-buildserver: Permission denied

whay this error? :pray: