App Inventor for Desktop Applications?

Just wanna ask if there are alternatives for app inventor that can be used to build desktop applications. Thanks

You could try GP blocks. You can make Windows, Mac and Linux desktop apps with it. GP blocks was used to make MicroBlocks. With MicroBlocks you can use a blockbased program to program microcontrollers.

I just went through the interface, seems pretty promising, though I am not sure about its limits. Are there other alternatives that support more features?

What features do you miss in GP Blocks since you looked it over? You could always try your luck using Google to search for alternatives.

I am not sure it has functions other than those in scratch (maybe interactions with the computer?), maybe I can't find it yet. Also I am not sure how to run the program lol.

also can it be packaged into exe files, like how app inventor packaged them into apk?

Create an apk using App Inventor, then

You can also code using a scripting language like Delphi Community Edition (Object Pascal) or Visual Basic both of which are relatively easy for a non programmer to learn. There is no need to use a Block language.. These tools create an EXE executable file if that is what you want.

If you want to program on Linux like me and want to use a basic like language you could use Gambas. Like I said GP is a general purpose language that could make apps that are running with multiple OS and is block based. Nothing wrong with block based languages.