App Inventor - Execution Error - the operation select list cannot accept the arguments, [true]

Hi guys, good afternoon.

I'm new to MIT App Inventor, I'm learning a quiz as a university project. I have a problem where my timer and my questions generate an error. My timer doesn't appear when I start the quiz, and my questions throw an error after answering a few (I have 10 questions in total). The following message appears:

Below I'm sending all my blocks of the screen that makes up TinyDB, the questions are in PT-BR, and some commands too. I REALLY need help! I don't know how to fix this!

I even tried decreasing it from 10 questions to 5, to see if quantity was the problem, so in some corners it's get global = 5, but it's actually 10.

Your variable indice is supposed to be a number, right?
The index into a list of questions?

But you set it to the value true/false.

For your setup, where you have parallel lists of questions and sets of answers, you need to leave those lists undisturbed, and instead keep an extra list of the question numbers (initially 1 to length of list(questions)) that have not yet been asked.

Deplete that list. Be sure to distinguish the index value you select from that list from the position of the selected index in the ever-shrinking list.

You global indice variable is set on a Boolean value (true or false) during the "while is in list" test here (red circle) :

That means that the select item in list a bit later (blue circle) fails because the variable doesn't have the correct content (Boolean instead of integer).

But how do I do it? The professor at my college wants me to pass the question randomly, and the other ones from the college are not repeated.

I should use which blocks where you circulate? I don't quite understand what I should do.

How to pick a random item from a list without picking duplicates?


So what should i do in this part? I don't know what to put in there or what to delete to make it right, I'm very confused. :frowning: