App Inventor does not work. See error message ( Please try again later!)

Message from AI 2

"Server error: could not load file. Please try again later!"

Follow the advice....

Try restart AI2
Try restart Browser (using Chrome/Firefox)
Try restart Computer

Gracias por los consejos.

Yo reiniciƩ mi PC
Yo reiniciƩ el navegador usando

*Microsoft Edge

Nada. Siempre el mismo mensaje de error desde AI2

Thanks for the tips.

I restarted my PC
I restarted the browser using

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Brave
  • Microsoft Edge

Nothing. Always the same error message from AI2

No! Edge is not fully compatible with AI2

Suggestions are here: There are many reasons for getting the Please try again later message
which include:

  • actually try again to compile later
  • an issue with your code. If you code a simple Project (like a Button in your Designer); does the simple Project compile but your current Project does not? What issues cause the problem? A lot. See link. Without more information, impossible to guess.
  • an issue with heavy usage of the Web server. Try again later.
  • an issue with your Internet connection (heavy usage with your Internet provider or lots of open browser Windows or an overly aggressive virus checker or ad blocker perhaps)


Is it hopeless? No. Just try the suggestions in the link. Let us know when you fix your issue