App inventor do not let me build my app

In december 2021 i built this app and it worked well.Today I want build it again by the same project but appinventor do not let me build it again as then. Why?
Fioretti.aia (256.9 KB)

this app plays mp3 files randomly, the "next" button skips the proposed mp3 and moves on to the next

I was able to build without a problem.

If you scan my qr code in the next 2 hours you can download the apk and test it.

How many mp3, total size do you normally have in your app? How big is your aia?

the aia file is 47,7 mb, thank you

I am not able to obtain it, please would you be so kind to upload your aia you have modified?

Then what about exporting it and trying it on


Huge size because the mp3 files are stored inside the App? Make them a one-off download to the App's ASD folder instead. You have a stray 'If then' Block that generates a warning flag.

Where are the mp3 files from? Do you have permission from the file authors to distribute them with your App?

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