App Inventor Companion IOS Beta Question

I am anxious to have my students with IOS devices to have access to the App Inventor IOS Beta through Test Flight. I filled out the Google Form. How long does it take to get an invitation code? Thanks!

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I have applied twice and it has been more than 2 months without any response. You can try Thunkable X, but I’m afraid that without my tutorial it will not be easy to deal with this platform.

AI2 for ios is in TestFlight … here are the most current Forum discussions

Be patient, very patient … MIT must deal with multiple issues related to bugs in ios and satisfying Apple’s very stringent requirements.

Apple limits the number of testors in TestFlight; perhaps why you are not getting access.

Some one from MIT will probably provide a response . My guess is that ios is several months or more in the future. Sorry. Perhaps MIT will provide a late Christmas present (or not).

Hi all.. How can I join the beta program to create IOS Apps? I think my son would love to be able to use this.

MIT has not been processing new users to TestFlight. I believe they filled their quota. Sorry.

Your son will have to be patient and wait for the release of the ios feature to the general public.
When? Its release is dependent on approval by Apple and MIT determining the app is ready for release. MIT has made some cryptic statements recently that indicate the approval might be soon. What does soon mean? Perhaps sometime in this quarter. When depends on Apple approval.

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