App inventor companion app does not run on iphone

When trying tu run the app on an iphone the app just opens and closes before showing the buttons to scan the QR or connect with code. Just closes itself. It occurs in some phones. In others, the app runs correctly.

Thank you for your help.

Are you using any extensions ?

Please provide an example list of phones it works on and on which it doesn't and what ios version they have.

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It works on an iPhone 13 with ios 16.3, 12 mini with ios 16.3.1, iphone 11 with ios 16.5.
It doesn't work on iPhone 13 pro max ios 16.4.1, iphone 14 ios 16.3.1, iphone 11 ios 16.4, iphone 11 16.4.1, iphone 12 ios 16.4.1, iphone XR ios 16.3, iphone 12 ios 16.4.

Sorry, it seems that is a wifi issue, not an app issue. The problem has been solved changing the wifi connection.
Thank you.

Interesting. But I just want to confirm that I understand you correctly that on certain Wifi connections the app crashes on start but on others it does not? This will help me narrow down the crash reports from Apple to root cause the issue.

Not exactly. My students were using their own data connection and the app crashed. I had told them to use the school Wifi, but you know how students are. When they changed to the school Wifi the problem was solved. It's our first time using App Inventor, sorry.

I think I've managed to track down what's going on. Thank you for reporting the issue.