App Inventor Builder (Problem) git submodule update --init

Hello guys i am building app inventor offline but getting this error after enter ant.

I search in the community and found this .

BUILD FAILED C:\appinventor-sources\appinventor\build.xml:16: The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\appinventor-sources\appinventor\build-common.xml:292: The following error occurred while executing this line: C:\appinventor-sources\appinventor\blocklyeditor\build.xml:63: Java returned: 1 Total time: 25 seconds

But when I enter git submodule update --init

I get this error

you have to execute that command in the appinventor-sources directory, not in its subdirectory appinventor


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I don't get @Taifun what are you saying ??

you were in the wrong directory to execute git submodule update --init

from there try a
and then
git submodule update --init

@Taifun my problem didn't solve . This error is coming once again

you have a strange directory structure...
never use spaces inside directory names like New Folder (2)...
also why is there a directory appinventor-sources-master_1 and another appinventor-sources-master inside?
keep it simple, no spaces...

for example assuming you have a GitHub directory c:\GitHub

cd GitHub
git clone
cd appinventor-sources
copy sample-.gitignore .gitignore
git submodule update --init


You likely downloaded the sources from GitHub using their ZIP feature rather than cloning the repository. This is a lossy operation and so the information needed to clone the dependencies is unavailable. Clone the repository rather than using the ZIP version and try again.

But Now I got this error

You need to build the system with Java 8. Those errors occur when using a newer version of Java.

Done @ewpatton!!!

But after ant it stuck here ( Image below)

Its taking more than 3 hours . I ask some of my mates they told me that it takes only 30 Minute . But In my case this is taking too much time. Can you tell me what should I doo???
It is compulsory to connect with Internet?

Here is my PC Specs :

Unless you've added a bunch of new functionality, the max memory specified in appengine/build.xml should be sufficient. That being said, 4 GB might not be enough to build App Inventor without enabling some of the more advanced options to break the build up into smaller pieces.

What are these advance option can you tell please??

See this post: