App inventor and D8 dexing

Hello Guys I hope you are doing well recently, I added D8 byte code compiler to my local instance from this pr so far I didn't find any bug on projects more than 16000 Blocks so why App inventor don't add this to main server, and we get rid of Library parse error as many libraries requires JAVA 1.8 features Already, thank you.

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Any major change to the build process naturally raises the question of compatibility. Since App Inventor still supports fairly old devices (physical or virtualized), we need to ensure to ensure that the build process continues to work for old devices. A particular point here is that the companion app itself is built as part of the build process by the buildserver, so it may not load if there is a breaking change in the build process. Since we've recently released an updated Windows emulator using a newer Android version this will allow us to potentially raise the minimum SDK version from 7 to 14, as well as support some Java 8 features via d8.


Thank you Dr :heart:

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