App Inventor and Accessibility with Screen Readers (play online radio stations)

Hi there. I would like to create a radio app where I would list my favorite radio stations' URLs and be able to quickly play them. However, App Inventor seems not to be accessible with screen readers at all. I created a project, but then, what should I do? How do I put items inside my app, and how do I make the app play radio stations if I have their URL?
I'm just lost and have no idea of what to do next as a blind person.


I imagine an Alexa skill would work better for a blind person.

I have not tried those yet, unfortunately.

You mean there's an Alexa skill that can create apps for me?

Oops, I see your point now.

While I have heard of blind programmers who program using a screen reader, I have seen no support in AI2 for that.

A blocks based Graphical User Interface (GUI) is probably the worst possible interface for a blind coder.

Last time I tried Android Studio (2 months ago), it was not accessible with screen readers, so I can't use that either.
I really need an app that would allow me to add URLs of radio stations in it, and switch between those stations easily. I found a few apps that claim to do this, but they either play ads interrupting my listening, or drain my battery.

This should work for a basic streamer. It uses a ListPicker and a WebView, Substitute your url's for those shown in code and try it. :slight_smile:

RadioStream.aia (2.3 KB)

This may help regarding screen reading Accessibility to screen readers (for the visually impaired) - #2 by SteveJG

Here is a variation of the app. It uses a Button to randomly select one of the urls

This probably would work better for you.

I'm totally blind, so I don't really know what you're referring to and what are those images you sent. Did you share an app that will do what I need? Android Studio (if that's what the file you sent will open in), is not accessible for us, so I don't know how to replace the URLs and how to make the app seamlessly switch between URLs I added.

The images are the required App Inventor Block code. The file .aia is the file that needs to be compiled into an Android apk file (the application). This is code readable in App Inventor (not Android Studio).

Android Studio isn't readable using JAWS? I never tried.

Being totally blind is a tough disability for sure. How do you navigate your Android now? Do you use TalkBack (Android's screen reader)?

If you post a list of the urls you want (or part of a list), I will check to see if your urls work in the app and provide you with a Project aia. :astonished:

  1. I use NVDA, not JAWS: JAWS is paid and I don't like piracy.
  2. On Android, I use Jieshuo. TalkBack is pretty basic, and I'm more with customization and stuff.
  3. Regarding list of URLs, I'd prefer that I have an add URL button, so that I can add URLs myself directly into the app. That's because overtime I may find other radio stations that I like, and being able to add URLs is appreciated.
  4. how do you open this file in the Inventor? I mean, how do you actually get the platform to recognise it and make it into an app?


That is possible. It requires more complex programming and a knowledge of the specific url's structure. Why I requested a sample is to see if something like that is even possible. The technique used in the example requires the url be compliant and a direct link to the media/live stream.

Several way. One would be to drag and drop your url into the Text box already programed and replace the existing url code with your url. Another way would be to use the File control plus more code to get your url file from DropBox or other location into a WebViewer.GoToUrl url.

Uhoh. Now things get complicated. App Inventor is a visual environment. I am aware of several individuals who are visually impaired who code in App Inventor, none in your situation.

Here are links that explain how to open the aia and program with App Inventor. The links also explain how one gets the platform to recognize the aia and compile it into a downloadable apk (Android compiled app).

See if anything in the links make sense to you. Essentially all that explains how to put an aia file in the MIT app inventor. If you want to import a project then drag-n-drop aia in projects tab . If you already have a link to an aia file, download the aia to your computer. The Designer can open it with File | Import Project and load it on App Inventor using the Projects Menu on the Designer.

How about an example url to see if the app will work with you urls. They work fine with my Android phone. If your url doesn't work it doesn't make a lot of sense to explain in detail.

Here are two of the links that I would like to integrate:


Both work fine.