App in AI Companion works and send data to Google Sheets, but doesn't work when .apk gets installed on android

Hello, I'm trying to build my first APP and I have the following problem: the APP should send data to google sheet, and it's working perfectly in the AI Companion.
When I build it and install the .apk on my android phone, the APP is not sending data anymore.

I've seen that it's not a new topic and there have been already some solutions provided for others, but in my case they seem not to work... or I simply can't apply them to my APP.

Can someone please help me? It would mean a lot to me, thanks.

I'm gonna upload block image and the .aia file to explain better the problem.

Best, Fabio
FL01_Manteinance_simple.aia (60.2 KB)

The syntax is wrong in your constructed url. See here for correct syntax:


and here for a full example:

Hello and thanks a lot for the reply.

I've tried to correct the syntax as suggested, but still same result: working on AI Companion, not sending data from .apk installed on android.

I'm uploading new image and project modified, I surely do something wrong but I don't get what... Thanks a lot if you could still help me!

3_FL01_Manteinance_simple.aia (60.2 KB)


Don't do this, could be interrupting the send.

Open screen 1 when you get a response from the GFormWeb1.GetText

It works! Don't understand why that difference between AI Companion and .apk, but thanks to your suggestion it works!!


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