App for teaching the visually impaired to cook

Hello. Im currently making an app for blind people to learn how to cook. But I have no clue about how to make it. The app consists of two functions:

  1. Step-by-step teaching. When the user scans a QR code which stores all the steps and ingredients list, the app reads out those steps. It should also move to next step/repeat previous step upon user's verbal requests. (Idk how to make this funciton)

  2. Checking expiry date of the product. When another QR code is scanned, it reads aloud the expiry date. (I have some clue about how to make this)

Can any please help I really need to finish this by the 6th of April :(( thank you very very much!!

Have you abandoned your previous attempt?

What is not working?

Competition (2).aia (8.3 KB)

try this. it doesnt work

But what doesn't work? What are you stuck with? Because I get the feeling that you don't understand anything you've been copying...

are you able to scan with your project?

scan what? you mean AI companion? if so then yes
scanning a QR code also works but it doesnt show the results

In AfterScan event you have not the result of the scan?

i have "when BarcodeScanner.AfterScan open another screen with the start Value Screen_Recipe startValue BarcodeScaner.Result"

but there is some type of error when it turns to that screen

Are you closing the screen before switching to another screen? Because if not, you are not switching screens correctly.

Also what error? Show us a screenshot or type it out...

What do you want to do here:

Because in "get start value" you have the result of the scan (at least that part is ok).

split into ingredient section and recipe section
only show the ingredients first

It seems not....

you are splitting the recipe by "1" if your recipe was:


1. eggs
2. oil
3. milk


1. Crack the egg and mix well
2. Add 5ml oil to the frying pan
3. Fry the egg for 3 minutes

You have now 3 parts:

First part:

Second part:
". eggs
2. oil
3. milk


Third part:
". Crack the egg and mix well
2. Add 5ml oil to the frying pan
3. Fry the egg for 3 minutes"

So think in how do you want to split your recipe

not sure how the error appeared in the first place then...

yesterday it shows error but maybe i changed something and solved it???

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hmm then how can I solve that? i think its smth related to putting a label with "ingredients" and "split screen" at default. But does that mean I have to open two different screens for them? or else how can I only show either one of them? thanks

I'm sure we talked about don't need more screens...reduce the button size and use labels to be able to see the parts are you splitting so, you can debug your code and fix it.

Then, try to put in a label all the recipe you have received from screen 1. If that is already ok, then split that (at "Recipe"). With the before example then you will have 2 pieces (the text before and after "Recipe")...and so on, step by step...making sure at every step that what you do works

but how do i make it know if it is showing recipe or ingredients? i mean how would it know when to show "recipe:"

In label1 you have all the text received from screen1 (scan).

In label 2 you have the text divided by "Recipe:"...that means that now you have 2 pieces (a list). The text before "Recipe:" and the text after it. You can see them separated by a "," in the label.

In labe3 you have the first piece (the text before "Recipe:")

In label4 you have the second piece (the text after "Recipe:")

Now, for example, you can pass the firs part to TextToSpeech so, it will read the ingredients.