App for taking notes and a few other things

This app (Fone_Notes.aia) started as a way of making notes (typed or spoken) when I went for a walk. Then it expanded to edit the notes and share them via email or google drive, to have separate files for shopping lists, poems, a diary, thoughts on the meaning of life, etc. Then I added date and time and GPS data, the ability to save to spreadsheet (csv) files, read notes aloud, use a really large font, a random alert mode (the app plays a recording of a gong to keep a record of, for example, thoughts, mood and medical symptoms at unpredictable times) and a few other things. (I tried to put it in the gallery but it wouldn't upload, probably because I had two extensions from @Anke, but it still wouldn't upload when I deleted these.)

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Maybe you can post some screenshots of your app in action.

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Sounds great, you should publish it @ Google Play Michael.

OK. Difficult to show all the app does but this should give you an idea...
I wanted to add a few things to my shopping list:

... I pressed Append, switched to Edit Mode, and opened the file:

This shows the bottom of the file. There are several more menu option under Help Etc.
The beginning of my list of files is here: