App for older Android

I made an App and it works fine on Android 7 or 8 but I couldn´t install it on Android 6.
When I try to install it the cell phone says " puede que no dispongas de una aplicacion compatible para abrir este archivo ".
control_bluetooth_3_copy.aia (118.2 KB)
How do I have to build the app top be able for older version of Android ?


Generally, the App should work on Android 6, so it might be the device rather than the App.

I’m not familiar with the extension you are using “TextBoxTools” - check that it supports Android 6.

I am not aware of any compatibility issues with Android 6, during testing it worked without issue.
I no longer have an Android 6 device to test it on hardware however, I just tested it on an emulator and it worked without issue.

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I tested your app on my Android 6 emulator and it worked without issue:

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See here:

Try also resizing the launcher icon. Yours is 512x512px (aia and APK).
Set it to 96x96px.

The launcher icon should have the following:
36x36, 48x48, 72x72, 96x96, 144x144 and (max) 192x192 px

Play Store icon : 512x512 px

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Thank you @Anke. The solution was to execute the app from the file manager instead of the Whatsapp directly. Problem solved. There wasn´t trouble with the size of the icon.

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