App for my website

I want to create a app for my website
But i don't want to use web viewer as due to slow internet connection the page doesn't load
So i want to put the webpage in the apk only so can someone help with this

How to read a HTML page stored as asset inside of App Inventor

I dont have html page i download my page directly from chrome three dots menu and dont know its filrle type please help me

3 dots > More Tools > Save page as

Will offer you to save the page as an html file, but it will also create a folder containing all the assets (images etc.) required for the page.

You cannot place this folder in the assets, so you would have to find a way to get the html file and the folder onto your sdcard.

Are you talking about pc becayse cant finde save as optioj in android

Oh, are you developing on a mobile device ?

Regardless, the same advice probably applies with regard to what you download.

I do not know where the "offline" version is stored or in what format - more here:

i just cant figure it out with pc also
i want to the webpage to be loaded in the app
please help me more

I just can't figure what url i have to put in address url its just to much confusing
Can you develop the app for me pleaseeeee i can send you website link it will be to much help

Web site link ?

This site loads quickly enough in testing here.

Although it may be slow for you, it may not be so slow for your users ?

It will be difficult to run this as an offline site.

It worked fine for me also but when i send this to my friends for testing most of them cant open that because of slow internet connection in our area i am having a wifi but not everyone have that so my
Elder brother who is a app developer suggested me to make page offline in the app so it loads quickly

In which case either build an app that replicates your website, or build a separate single html (or several) standalone html pages (from scratch - not using a website builder) that replicate your website (as you say in your profile you understand how to work in html)

I know only basic about html and i can copy paste things and add few things byt can't alone make a whole page thats why i just want to show my website only in my webpage

The only other method I can suggest for you is something like this:

For more options CLICK

But the problem is that i want offline app due to low data connectivity

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