App error: The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments: , [1], [0]

I am following the tutorial from the official guide of the "Tour Guide" app. I get this error on the Gallery screen. I can't seem to find a solution that fits my situation. I am still learning and appreciate any guidance. Thank you in advance. I have included image of code block section.


maybe you need to change that by "set currentIndex=1" instead of photoList?

If these blocks are all on the same screen, then this will fail with that error when the app is first run.

I'll try that. I'm following the tutorial from the official book so everything has been fine up to this point.

This is only on the Gallery block screen.

From the complete aia for the tour guide:

Thanks to you both. It is currently working correctly. I'll study this so I understand why.

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I see it now helps to read carefully.

yes...that is the index used to select the Image from the photoList list. It must be >0 in AI2.

So another issue once again unable to find a useful solution. I am trying to use a Delete button to give users the ability to choose which pictures to remove from app that are not wanted. Can I get directed to a example that will make this happen? Thank you in advance. Code block included.


if you place a button to delete the photo you are showing, you already have the index so it is easy to remove it from the photos list:

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