App Created Ready to Publish but Encounter API Level Issue

Hi there! I'm Joel, a newcomer here. I'm physically handicapped here in the Philippines. I'm creating an app for my small online shop here in my country. I am ready to upload the online shop app I created and I want my potential customers to download it from Google Play for free, but I'm having trouble with API level. Please help. It will help my life's sustainability. Thank you.

Please show the screens from Google Play that inform you of an API level problem.

Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it very much. I was able to resolve it a few minutes ago. Now I want to change its Package Name. Can you please help me with that? Thank you.

I think you don't need to change the package name to put an app in the Play Store. AppInventor does not offer a package rename property.

Thanks but I was able to change the package name already.

So, did you solve the API Level issue or not Joel? If so, please mark the thread as Solution checked using the ... icon. Thanks.

I did solve it. Now I encountered a warning in Google Play Console. And here it is:

I hope you guys can help me. Thank you.

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