App crashing with Firebase

because thats not really working

what is not working? have you configured you firebase component wit the token/URL? is the app still crashing?

no the app is working properly but when i try to log in it says wrong login

In the before screenshot, you tag is "User" and the value "Code"...are those your input data?

there are no specific data

but yeah long story short those were my input data

?? if you have that data in firebase and you write in textBox1 = "user" and in textBox2 = "Code" it will pass to screen2...

You need to take a look here:
FAQ Section: Firebase - Frequently Asked Questions - MIT App Inventor Community

Check your ProjectBucket

My projectbucket is HelloPurr which is the right project i think

If this is your data yout projectBucket is wrong:

leave the projectBucket empty and try.

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Im at school but ill try

Be careful: If you set the ProjectBucket of a FireBase component empty by design, and then you save your project with another name, AppInventor will automatically change the ProjectBucket to the name of the project, and then, for your app to work as expected, you will need to manually make it empty again.


Hi there I've read your conversation and I realised that your token is wrong ,
When using the firebase
Step 1:
Create a project and register a real-time database
Now copy the URL on the top as shown in the images earlier (check up)
Step 3:
Now go to project settings and click on service accountS
Step 4: now in the service account section click on database secrets and copy that token and paste it to your firebase component token id
Step 5:
All steps complete now you can use firebase db without any type of crash

Thanks for reading :moyai: :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Using the database secret token is a bad idea, this gives complete access to your firebaseproject

Thanks for letting me know I was creating my apps with this secret token :sob:
Then how would I get the token
Can you please suggest some alternate ideas or methods to do it

I'm sorry for providing wrong information. I didn't knew about it but I just wanted to help other who face the issue once I done only there was a good intention :cry:

@TIMAI2 please give me the solution for it :pray:t2:

Most often a token is not needed at all!

But if you must use one, then you need to find the Web API key for your firebase project. This is usually found if, on the Firebase console you go to: Project Overview > Project Settings > 4th item down

I think there are some steps to get web API key isn't it, please clear that too , please give the way to get web API key in firebase db

In the firebase console you will need to visit Authentication. That should be enough in order to generate the API key

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