App crashing with Firebase

So when i download the app on the phone, it normally opens, but when i add the database the app keeps closing not even a second after it opens

what do you mean with that? Share your relevant blocks please.

Is the firebase component configured with the token, URL and bucket correctly? does it crash when passing to screen2? or when? If yes, what blocks do you have in screen2?

i think i have the token and bucket correctly, also the app crashes on opening with the error " keeps closing", tell me where exactly can i find my token and bucket just in case i did them wrong

Are you using the MIT default configuration or you own firebase instance?

i dont know really, all i did was follow a tutorial and change the token and url

But the token and the URL are from your own firebase instance? (so "Use Default" checkbox is disabled)

yup they are from mine but still the app keeps crashing on start up

just to make sure though, where can i see my firebase token?

In Firebase, Project settings, General, Web API Key.

In AI2, you have to set it in Firebase token (Design).

The URL in firebase you can get it from here:

and set it to FirebaseURL in AI2.

(Canned Reply: ABG- Export & Upload .aia)
Export your .aia file and upload it here.




well when i press export it automatically exports as a note

thats the only url i found

Yes, that is the URL you have to set in AI2 in FirebaseURL:

The token is there, following the path I told you:

yup everything is fine then still crashes

Then share your aia here...

another issue is that when i export my aia it automatically exports as a note
HelloPurr.aia (138.8 KB)
i also didnt change the name so dont question it

Maybe your firebase’s location in not US-central?? Firebase component requires the us-central server to work.