App Crashes when picking image

Hello, I have a problem with image picker component
when picking an image into the app, app crashes
and the problem is the app working with android 11 and not working with android 9 or earlier
how to fix that?
thank you :pray:
my blocks :point_down:

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ImagePicker will need read permission (in pre Android 10/11).

Set this first, ||before|| you try to get an image with the image picker

not fixed
blocks (2)

Look at your blocks



How is this supposed to work ?

  1. Screen Initialise
  2. Ask for Read permission (only)
  3. Give read permission when requested
  4. Open the image picker
  5. After picking:
  6. Set image picture
  7. Store the image file path to tinyDB

like this?
blocks (4)

Did you test it ? Does it work ?

yes, still crashing

Which version of Android ? 9/8.1/8/7 ?

i tested in android 8.1 and crashed

OK, let me try

Set Filescope in Screen1 Propeties to Legacy, then it should work (this is for <Android 10 only)

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thank you so much for your solution, that is works :white_check_mark: :pray:

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