App crashes when connecting

Whenever i try to scan the qr code/connect with numbers the app crashes before it gets to boot up the starting screen is it a problem with my blocks
icarusfallsfinalnaverzija.aia (3.8 MB)

Each of these blocks has an error, misusing the edge parameter.
It is not meant to be changed.
It is there to inform the blocks which of the 4 canvas edges this sprite has contacted.

blocks (2)

The edge parameter is typically used in an if/then test to help sprites treat different edges differently if and when they collide with them.

The MOVE WITHIN BOUNDS block is not guaranteed to not trigger yet another edge contact, sending the app into a coma.


As i see it imgspriteCloud collides with SpriteCharacter and i set other to icarus(character) because i have many different sprites and the hp+score gets lowered and the sound plays am i wrong?

still doesnt work unfortunately after removing these parts of the code

Are you using a custom App launch icon? If not optimised, that alone can cause a boot crash.