App Crashed When Sharing Message from TextBox - Also Crashes When Uploading Image ImagePicker

my app crashes
when sharing a message from the textBox - Also crashes when uploading image with ImagePicker. Here are the blocks:

Could someone please help? Thank you very much!

Remove blocks from all your events apart from the ShareButton

Does it still crash ?

what exactly does that mean? Can you elaborate on this?

btw. using the file component you are storing a text file... you probably should add a file extension to the filename like Mein_Wetterbericht.txt
And your Notifier message probably should be "Dein Text wurde als Text Datei gespeichert" as you are storing a text file and not an audio file...


Hello Taifun,

Thank you for your help.

Sorry for the late answer, I had something to do at home.

In the meantime I changed the designer elements and the block element. I have a app in which a child can write a weather forecast in a text field and this text can be saved as a mp3 file with a ttstomp3 extension, which I have downloaded. This works.

Not working are sharing feature and ImagePicker. In both cases, closes the app if I try tro share the text field or if I try to choose the "user image".

I think the reason could be the read and write permissions, but I do not know how to set them. I would please need an example or a post in which I can see how I can set the correct permissions. Or could it have another reason? Here are the new blocks:

Ideal would be also a sharing feature for the text on social media, but the problem when I do it are also the app closes and that the text has to be copied before sometimes until I can post textbox contents on social media and I think, that I am doing something wrong. Do you have an idea please? Thank you very much.


Update: Also the mp3 file did not save, but I think the mistake was, that I used the file name with the file extension mp3 and not only the filename like the ttstomp3 extension asks. I changed it.

Does it work with Companion?

I am testing only with my tablet pc. I do not know, if it works in Companion. I will try it. Thank you!

Create new project with just a text box, button and sharing component. Does this also crash?

Here, I have made it for you

testShare.aia (1.6 KB)

works with companion on Android 13 device

Try this:

Dear Anke,
Thank you very much for your time and help. I will try it the next days. In the moment, I am busy. Have a nice evening!