App closes automatically without error

Hi there,

I have made an app with a lists of lists, the users firsts selects the department and from there they can see all the products in this department.
In the app one of our users has created a database this way, but the app automatically closes at 2 of the 3 departments they have created, without an error. They have not created a backup file of the departments and to prevent data loss we have thought of the solution below:

  • We adjust the blocks of the app slightly, so if the department is deleted but the list of products connected to this department is not deleted.

  • We delete the department and create a new department with exactly the same name.

  • The productlist has the departmentname as Tag, this should reload the products.

Hopefully someone out there can tell us if this would work, without the App automatically closing again and without data loss of our client?
Thank you in advance!



Share your blocks, preferably an aia file. From this description nothing follows, we do not know where you made a mistake.

Hereby the code:

MDT_X_RAY_App_v1_4.aia (86.0 KB)

Thank you in advance for your help.