App blocks inspection

haven't posted in a while
but could anyone please tell me if i've got this rite

i'm creating a radio station app with only one button, now i have my own two play/pause buttons iv everytime i press play YES the stream plays BUT when i press pause the music continues WHICH may i add shouldn't continue, but it don't continue when i press stop?

You always start again...even when pause:


The meaning is that if you want to pause the Player don't start it just after pause it.

or what do you want when pausing the player?

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so which should i get rid of??? if i want the playpause button to work

remove that second Player.Start

You have an if-else to be able to Play or Pause the player depending on the image set. If one image, play; if other, pause.

In this second case you had then a start the pause option never worked.

Maybe you can move the Player.Source to the beginning of the event (before the if) or even to the Screen.Initialize block...because you need to set if before the Player.Start.

rite i'v done this