App blocks after clicking Home Button and listpicker with App in screen-fix


I have an app that the users run in screen-fix on a Samsung tablet.
When the users pushes the home button (that shows than the warning that the screen fix is on), and the user pushes within a second a button of a listpicker the listpicker doesn't show the options and the option screen of the listpicker is blocked after the screen-fix and the user can't make any choices no more.
I created a simple example in the screenshot that also shows the problem when you run the app in screen-fix and push the home button and within seconds the button of the listpicker.
I hadn't the problem with Android version T500XXU3BVB3 but now with T500XXS4CVJ1 i have the problem and the strange thing is that the back button that also shows the warning message of the screen-fix, isn't creating that problem

Try using a listview instead of a listpicker

Hi, that would not be my preferred solution as the lay-out of the tool is built on the listpickers.
annoying is that it works fine on the tablets that i didn't upgrade to the latest android version.
if the user doesn't click the listpicker in the 2-3 seconds that the warning message of the screen-fix is on the screen after pushing the home button, it's not a problem at all. But i would rather avoid it with code instead of having to ask the user to not forget...

when i unlock the screen-fix the listpick window is in the background a rato of the number of clicks that have been done on the listpick button. but strange thing is that the "back button" (that also shows message of screen-fix) isn't creating that problem.. only the "home button" so i would think that if i make sure that clicking the home button doesn't create the situation that the app goes in the background although the screen-fix is on, that the problem will be solved.. i think

Hi, i'm still struggling with this problem...anytime a user presses the home button, the app is blocked. I created a very simple app to test :

Only add a list picker in the designer and pin the screen on this app. The listpicker works perfect until you click on the home button. once you clicked the home button the list picker option screen is not showing anymore - it is stocked behind the pinned screen. I tried a solution with the HomeWatcher but it doesn't work. The solution that i need is that the option screen of the list picker is always showed.

What is "HomeWatcher" ?

If you are pressing the Home button when you are showing the listpicker contents, you may be out of luck. The listpicker takes you out of the app (like calling Google Chrome from your app) therefore your app may no longer have "the focus" when pressing the Home button with the listpicker displaying.

As an alternative use a listview inside a vertical arrangement, Hiding / Showing other elements as appropriate.

There is no logic... which means there is logic that i don't understand. In older versions of android, i don't have that problem which is a first strange thing... what makes the home button different since then.. it's the combination with pinning an app to fix it in the screen. You don't have to click the listpicker on beforehand, once you touch the home button, you can't use the listpicker no more as the selectionscreen of the listpicker opens behind the pinned app. If you unpin and select the option in the listpicker and pin again the app, you can continue. Listview is much less usable than listpickers, isn't there really any option to close listpicker selection screens via program code or to bring open listpicker selection screen back to the front once a home button push messes up?

There are extensions that let you make your own notification popup. Once I used such extensions to make my own ListPicker with ListView.