APP autoclose when the goal is achieved

My goal is maximize brightness then close app without seeing screen1

And your question is ... ?

I would tap on app icon without showing screen1, see my title

What's the point of immediately closing an app at Screen.Initialize?
So ask a precise question and explain the steps, what should happen and when.

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  1. open app
  2. when screen1 initialize maximize brightness
  3. autoclose app without without manual action

As I already asked:

I posted my request, is it possible ?
The code I attached runs well, but I don't want close manually

I solved

Do you really think it was necessary to open a new topic for this, especially since no one understands what it is about and what the point could be to close an app immediately after opening it? :upside_down_face:

Stay cool.

No problem for me, you can delete this topic if you deem it useless.
I have achieved my goal

I believe I get it. It is three button clicks then a slider drag to set full brightness on my device. Your app does it in one click ? (However I do have adaptive brightness turned on :wink: )


My screen is empty, no buttons, at the first click on app icon I set full brightness, at the second I set the previous one. I don't have adaptive brightness turned on.
My problem was how to autoclose the app.

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I found another use case for this, a speaking clock.
Open the app, the app tells you the time, and closes :slight_smile: