App ASO in Google Play Store: how do you enable deep links for indexing?

Hello Folks does anyone know how do I enable deep links in my app for app indexing with Google Search Console?
Also, please share some tips for the best App Search Optimization strategies. When I was publishing my app I really counted on advertising it on FB Marketwatch, as soon as I started to join groups and posting about my app FB blocked my account and did so 3 times in row as soon as I mentioned my app's name. So FB Marketwatch is off the table. What are other good options to make a breakthrough and get to my customers?

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

Facebook market è pensavo essenzialmente per oggetti materiali e non app..quindi il Play Store è l'unica soluzione che ti permetta di raggiungere tutti i tuoi clienti. Inoltre potresti anche creare una pagina privata su facebook dove puoi pubblicare il link della tua app.

Thank You Nicola, would you have any tips on promoting an app on Google Play? Would you have any interesting ASO strategies to share? Every piece of advice will be greatly appreciated!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!

Also, Nicola, I already created a private business page on FB and guess what, as soon as I'm trying to reach out to groups I'm being blocked with no coherent reason except for: you are violating our community standards. I read their standards, I violated nothing. I was thinking about paying to advertise on FB BUT with no customer service I can't trust those ignorant crooks with my money. Can you imagine: if you sign up to advertise on FB and something goes wrong with your payment for ads transaction you are supposed to.......share it all on their public discussion board(transaction id, CC number) and someone eventually might even respond back to you within 8 business days!!!
Sorry for pouring it all out on you, I'm just appalled by their ignorance. Don't you ever do any business with them, ever!

Hello App Pro

Whilst I can understand you are frustrated with Face Book, this is not the forum for your rants.

As I understand it, Google Search Console is with respect to websites - how do Android Apps work with that?

You can distribute your Apps from your own website. Currently, Android asks Users if they want to load an "unknown" App, but it does not prevent it.

There are other stores too. See the links on my website: Alternative Stores you can upload your App to.