Aplication doesn't receive text

I tried to build an app that show certain text when it receive a certain number fro the arduino via bluetooth.

I think that my problem is that I didn't built the loop in the blocks right. because it only shows one text, or goes from one to another and stops. Instand of looping.

can some one help ?

this is the code that I is the arduino code that I built


SoftwareSerial Bluetooth(0,1);

void setup() {


void loop() {




and this is the blocks that i built

This should work.

Set the DelimiterByte property to 10, in blocks or designer.

It works!
Thanks a lot man!!
do you mind to explain me what you did ?

  1. I don't know if you previously set DelimiterByte to 10, it is important that it detects the end of the line in the text received from Bluetooth.
  2. You tried to receive data expecting byte 10 - end of line, regardless of whether there were any text bytes to be received or not, which could hang the UI. Now the blocks check if there are any bytes waiting.

You needed a variable to hold the input message for that sequence of tests