Aplication crush after start


I'm new to app inventor. App works properly in testing mode via mit app and in emulator. But when it tries to work in google or stand alone .apk it crushes imidietly after start.

What to do in that case?

There is the link to aia: Mod removed. Your aia contains a PAID extension. That is prohibited. Sorry.

Also there is a problem with localization, work bad giving 0,0 latit. and long.

thank you in advance, Dominik

Welcome Dominik.

What Blocks do you have in your Screen1.Initizalzation event handler. A guess is something there is causing an issue.

The default LocationSensor latitude and longitude is 0,0. If you see it, it means your gps has not achieved a satellite fix. Usually the initial fix might take 30 to 60 seconds with subsequent fixes about every 20 seconds or so.

Have you read and experimented with the aia files at Using the Location Sensor ? Reading and working with the examples may help you to debug your app.

Post your Blocks here. Post your aia here too (just drag and drop the aia file). Some developers will not download from your GoogleDrive. :cry:

I read a brilliant example, and copy they schema and it didn't work again:

Zrzut ekranu 2022-03-10 015021

Aia couldn't be uploaded directly because size of the file is bigger than 8 Mb.

The aplication is big and work very good on emulator but I didn't check it on .apk file, and there is a problem.

Thank you for any help

There are several problems Dominik. Your Project contains a paid extension. You are not allowed to share that. :cry:

a small problem is:
that might cause issues.

How to self debug
Testing techniques, including DoIt - MIT

How to show raw responseContent from your app when debugging - TimAI2

That is only the name.

Did you find anything wrong in initialize?

Which plugin is paid? I downloaded all from mit site, if any one is it is in trial version

Firebase database is causing the problem. You should set location to us-central and since you can not change location in a project create a new one

 Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: For a custom firebase host you must first set your authentication server before using authentication features!
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TaifunGoogleAccount indicates It is not allowed to host this extension somewhere else and offer it for others to download App Inventor Extensions: Account Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Possible issues :cry:

  • TaifunGoogleAccount
  • ActivityStarter2
  • one of the permissions
  • wstep (whatever that is)
  • see dora's post

?? but what you do with it is what is important.

No one can debug your app but YOU because of the use of hardware others do not have. You might start removing Blocks from the Screen1.Initialize ; one at a time on a copy of your app and then see what happens.

The LocationSensor will not work on the emulator MIT provides.

This is a free extension, so it would be allowed to upload a project (aia file), which contains that extension to the community

To host an extension means to upload the extension (aix file) to somewhere (e.g. own webpage, Google Drive, this community), so others can download from there. The idea is to have only one download page, which always offers the latest version including documentation and example projects.

It is not allowed to upload projects, which contain paid extensions to the community.


ok on the clarification.

Thank you very much, everything works perfectly :slight_smile:

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