Aplicación de mesa de ayuda

buenas tardes expertos, quería saber si es posible desarrollar una aplicación para mesa de ayuda, si tiene algún ejemplo me podrían indicar el tutorial. Gracias

Translate says you want to develop an application for help desk. What do you mean by mesa de ayuda ?

What you might be asking about is a Chat app.

Use AI2 to build a Chat app using either FirebaseDB or CloudDB (with your own Redis server).

You could use a shared app that does a ‘chat’. Use either a CloudDB and your own server or the experimental FirebaseDB. How to do this depends on exactly what information needs to be exchanged and what needs to be done.

Here is Juan Antonio’s tutorial

or try one of these tutorials

Either database will allow a real time chat provided each user has the apk created by the developer active.

Is this what you want to do Richard?