Apk with old name cannot be created

My package name is: appinventor.ai_mueller69.CalculatorOK1

I can't create an appinventor.ai_mueller69.CalculatorOK1.apk now.

"Project names must start with a letter and can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores"

That was possible 2-3 years ago.

But, the playconsole requires exactly this name

"Your APK or Android app bundle must have the package name
appinventor.ai_mueller69.CalculatorOK1 "

Renaming the apk doesn't help.

I can't update my app now

well, your project name is CalculatorOK1 and it starts with a letter...
so where is the problem?


The created APK name should be: → "CalculatorOK1.apk".
To get this, the name of the AIA should be → "CalculatorOK1.aia" (appName.aia).
If you logged in with the correct AI2 account (mueller69@...), the packageName should then be:
appinventor.ai_mueller69.CalculatorOK1. (EDITED)

The packageName in AI2 is: "appinventor.ai_email.appName".
In your case: appinventor.ai_mueller69.appName

Shouldn't it be


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Yes, of course:

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I'm really stupid, I'm so ashamed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And I tried the whole time with "appinventor.ai_mueller69."

Now it works, my last update was from 2016

THANK YOU Taifun, HVALA Bobane, DANKE Anke,
for the quick response

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