Apk sharing question

If I wanted to share an APK with people instead of publishing it on the play store, can I do that and if so, is there a limit on how many people I can share it with?

Yes, but they will need to allow untrusted sources on their Android device. There are no limits to sharing APKs in this way.

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How to share ? I tried with mail and whatsapp as document, but my friend does not know how to open it.

the probably easiest way is to upload your apk to your Google Drive and send a download link to your friend...
you might want to prepare some instructions to help him during the installation process


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I have no problem sharing an APK with eg Threema or Telegram etc. and to install it.

No problem to send, but how to open apk when received.

Shared with Telegram, just click on it:

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