Apk jukebox no go I not understand

Hi I tried the aia file of the jukebox project I changed the path adapting it to my device if I try in emulation (all companion) it works ,but if I download the apk and install it on my phone this error comes out
Invalid list operation: to picks random a element from an empity list
Help me please


Can you show where you found the project and also show your relevant blocks.

I assume you're talking about @Taifun's jukebox aia. This is from 2016, uses an ancient version of the TaifunFile extension and does not request READ permission. Update the extension and request READ permission at the beginning (at least on devices with Android < 11).

As it lists audio files from the Shared folder /Music it should work on Android 11+ without READ permission.

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ok i will try and tell you

Yes have android 11

More precisely: Of course only if the audio files are created by the app itself. Otherwise you must request READ permission on Android 11+ as well (i.e. on all Android versions).

See also here:

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sorry i'm stupid this my block (project jukebox taifun)

all companion work apk not
i have samsung A 52 with android 11

As I said:

I gave the permissions and now it works
Thanks thanks