Apk file problem

I made an app for the Google Code to learn competition and when I test the app in companion all was fine...But when I download the apk file there is a problem...There is a button called Google Maps and when I press that button the screen is keep on refreshing not only when I press that particular button but when I touch the screen itself the screen is keep on refreshing and not working...Pls help me on that

Hi Nitish

We would need to see your code to work out what has happened.

..... but check with the Companion again, because it could just be a temporary network glitch.

Maybe the Problem can be that your android os may be not compatible to apk like when i tried to open a latest apk in android 4.4 it doesn't opens but in 7.0 it does

No usually it opens but only that particular app didn't open

No when I tried to test it through companion everything was perfectly fine...But when I downloaded the apk only the problems are causing

And I also tried on every phone which I have and all are latest

Post the aia.