Apk file name issue

I have created MSCen.apk, but once installed to my android phone, it's name have been changed to test1.apk. How can I rename back to MSCen? Thanks.

Please discard my question, I have found the answer. Thanks.

From screen1.property AppName field, even I have changed "test1" to "MSCen", but after rebuild it and when I install the MSCen.apk, it still shown app name "test1". Please help, thanks!

what is the project name? still test1?

Thank you for prompt replaying. The project name is MSCen, and on Screen1.property, the AppName field is "MSCen" (I have change old AppName test1). When I download MSCen.apk on my phone and installed it. The App name changed to test1. I have attached MSCen.aia to this message.MSCen.aia (3.8 KB)

Uninstall and reinstall the app.

Thanks Anke, yes, I did twice, but still shown test1, may be I did not clear some memory some where with my phone. Since this project is save as from project test1. I may create fresh new project under new name.

Go to → SettingsApps, select your app and delete the → Storage (→ Clear data).
And try again.

Thank you so much, Anke, problem solved :slight_smile:

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