Apk cannot open, AI companion can

Hello everyone,
I've programmed a trivia question type app, but I have a problem. The app opens and works perfectly with ai companion but the apk does not open. I can install it without any trouble but as soon as I open it, it coses automaticaly.
I've already tried to delete .jpeg and problematic image formats and deleting the logo. I've revised the code several times but it doesn't seem to have any mistake.
I leave a link to the program, thanks in advance.
Google drive link

You need one of these

along with a Notifier with an OK button to announce the error and leave it up until you hit OK.

On my emulator it opens to a white screen and hangs there.

Since you have no TinyDB, that rules out initial value problems in TinyDB.

Your screen1 initialization is just setting things visible and invisible.

Your image files are pixel-heavy, and likely to incur startup delays as AI2 tries to adjust them to match the screen size.
Smaller is better, as measured in the details attribute of image file properties for each of those images in Assets.

You might check out Project Properties and Themes, to see if you are displaying white on white everywhere, but I doubt that.

I would start by turning off all background images in backgrounds, to give onscreen components a chance to load.

Otherwise, this is baffling.

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Thanks, I'll try that and leave here the result

Hopefully found the problem.

In your arrangement: Pantalla_Preguntas, you have several elements where the font typeface is set to por defecto. changes these to default, then try compiling and running your app.

Debugging process

Starting at the bottom, I removed one arrangement at a time, compiled and installed to see if it would run. Eventually ran once Pantall_preguntas removed, pointing me to look more closely there.

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