API SHEET QR at app inventor

Hello, I have been trying to put a qr creator in a design that already exists in the scanview library and I have no way to make it work, I have downloaded several aix and I have interpreted some blocks made of qr but I do not finish deciphering, and I have this api that works In a google sheet just putting the text automatically generates the qr, but how can I call it from the inventor app having the text field the button that clicks and ends in the image inside the screen the qr generated in the google sheet?


Hi, if I understand you just want to try a QR generator and scanner
i also tried some api qr and didn't get it to work, after all that was the solution

com.sunny.qr.aix (14.0 KB)
com.sunny.FileTools.aix (31.8 KB)
add this both extensions end let it run.. btw the generator works offline
and add for scan the image

hello I tried it and it does not work for me, according to patryk I must use the scanview without library and I do not know how to do it

I use that in scan on screen 1
qr on screen 2

And by the way I decode pdf417 and not a bar reader, maybe there is our difference

No need for google sheets, just set your image.picture to the url....


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Your blocks if it works, you are a genius; Now I ask you since I have problems with sharing the qr image, I have used scalar taifun and share tifun but since it does not come from a direct creator qr connector when clicking on the image it says it cannot find the file, I tried placing it a camera and tell him that after taking the image through an initialize photo = text "" he continues without answering how can I do!? someone knows !?