API REST POST - Error 1103: Unable to complete the given request with the text


I made a REST Web Server on ESP32 and I wanted to make POST requests by an app made in App Inventor:

It turns out that the call goes wrong when I type the server's local domain in writing (http://esp32bobs.local/statusPorta), displaying the error "1103: Unable to complete the given request with the text ".

However, if I put the local IP instead of "esp32bobs.local", it works.

I believe it is not an ESP32 problem because I can make the call through Postman:

Could anyone tell me what could be causing the problem?

The smarthphone is connecting and on the same network as the ESP32.

Thank you.

Which version of Android are you running?

Android 12

Try putting it all in the url - with a GET

So according to [1] and [2], it seems like Android 10 and later ought to support mDNS so long as Google Play Services have been updated to a version published in Nov 2021 or later. Are you able to make the HTTP requests using the .local address in the browser on the phone?

[1] DNS Resolver  |  Android Open Source Project
[2] https://blog.esper.io/android-dessert-bites-26-mdns-local-47912385/

How? Did not quite understand...

Works only with the IP too: