Api key for yandex

How to get api key yandexor without api key? Thanks

you can get API Yandex Translate here

If you don't want to create your own API, you can use the API provided by MIT AI2


can i get it for free?

i think it free

thank u so much for this info!

Not necessarily free, whether you accrue charges depends on how much your app(s) use the service


Note that we include a key in apps compiled by App Inventor by default. The API Key property was added for folks running offline versions or custom builds of App Inventor which won't contain our production API key.

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Mmmmm... supposing we will deliver an app using their services I think we could not use just one key for every user and considering that many users may be not attracted by the idea to set an account on Yandex or wherever else, I think we should think how integrate a feature in the app to subscribe the user or at least help him in the setup process. I think the same also for other translation providers not only for Yandex.

Hey to use yandex translate without API key u can use the follow the following code:

When button 1.click
(Call yandex translate.translate and just specify the text ) next is (When yandex got translation you can use the translation )

That's it hope it helps

App inventor embeds a default key that every app can use. You're welcome to provide your own API key. There's no need for individual users of your app to set up an account with Yandex in order to leverage this component in your app.

OK, so I if do not need set the Yandex API key for each user (I mean in the apposite Yanex block) what happens if many users use it also only some minutes every day? If I understood well there are a couple of limits that may stop the translation services for hours and the stop should be key based so if it is a shared key the service will be stopped for every user with the same key. Did I understand well? A solution could be a pool of (many) keys changing to the next at each service stop.

Yes, if you use your own key you will be responsible for managing the limits.

What do you think about the use of a pool of keys instead of asking the user to set his personal key? From a technical point of view it should work.