Any youtube live broadcast player extension available for AI2?

I am looking for a youtube extension that can allow me to run youtube to watch a video broadast (using the youtube URL). I can see a couple of extensions with youtube mentioned but not sure whether they work for Appinventor and whether they are still working today. Anyone who can shed some lights on any extensions that can run youtube in that manner (including paid extensions)?
Many thanks in advance!

You don't need an extension.
yes6.aia (1.8 KB)

P.S. Play the video at your own risk ;)
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Hi Nishyanth_Kumar,
I tried to use your yes6.aia and generate an apk to run on my Samsung C7 handset. It gave me the error Error 601: No corresponding activity was found.
Any clue what went wrong?
Thanks a lot!

Try this way and see if it works for you


wow, it works! Thank you very much!
When it plays the youtube, it first display in a small window in portrait mode, and only when I change the orientation of my phone and then it will turn to landscape. Is there a way to force the orientation to landscape immediately?

  • David

Hi, I managed to set the screen to be on landscape to start with, so this is no longer a problem to me.
Now my question is more on what to do when the youtube video playing has ended. How can I get it back to my apps automatically?
The purpose of my apps is for my mother to play a youtube video easily (I make this app so that she only needs to press a big green button and then it will play the video I prepare for her). She does not know how to use apps much so complicated operations will be difficult for her.
Right now, youtube will try to play other videos unless we manually stop and close the youtube. What I want is to only play the youtube video I prepare for her, and upon finish, I want it to simply return to my app main screen.
Any help is much appreciated!

Pressing the back button on your phone should return back to the app. I don't think there's any way to automatically revert back to the app, though.