Any way to export and import app inventor project in .zip format instead of .aia?

I am working on a project named Text2App, where a user would give the instructions to build a small app and a Deep Learning model would make the app with MIT App Inventor 2. For this task, I need to modify the source code of an App Inventor project. I assume the MIT App Inventor Classic had an option to export and import a project as a zip file, but this functionality seems to be deprecated. Is there any way to export and import a project in a textual format? Similar to .scm file format?

I am willing to modify the app inventor source code if necessary.

Have you seen ?

The .aia export files of AI2 are zip files.

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Thank you very much @ABG. I am looking into it.

Wow, that's great! Just checked. I think it solves my problem.
Thank you again.