Any reviews about the BackgroundTask Extension by Atom_Developer?

Any reviews of this extension ??

which extension are you talking about?

just read the complete thread to find some reviews

Been through all of it. There is more excitement about the news itself and the desire to use the extension, than reviews of having used it and been able to achieve what they wanted.

Just bought it and am talking with the author. I "think" that I already know how to implement my app using them. I will report back if the thread is still open about my results.

Thank you. Wait for you response

Hi there. The application is very proven for me. The point was in my application: - about 10-15 people share the application to fix errors, fix them, etc. - The data is stored in the firebase - If we close the application or put it in the background, we should also be informed about uploading or fixing another error This extension is very close to what I want. It works. There are bugs, but these may be due to not handling the extension well. The creator of the extension is very helpful. I recommend to everyone.

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Hi there.

I want to share a usage form with you.
The essence:

  • runs in the background (if the application is not open or the display is off)
  • Monitors the change in the value of 2 firebasedb tags
  • displays the message in the notification bar if any has changed
  • displays a separate message for one change and another message if the other changes

The application works perfectly.

I had a problem with the erroneous messages because when I deactivated the background app and then reactivated it, I immediately got a message about an older change. I solved this by generating 1-1 new tags when the values ​​change, and then deleting them immediately. So I really only get notified of recent changes.

Maybe the block sequence can help members who doubt its operation or don’t know how to handle it.

Many thanks to AtomDeveloper, as I am a beginner too and I am only trying to master programming on a hobby level.

I hope I was able to help you with that

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