Any extensions and tools ideas please?

I need an extension to make only a part of a label, clickable

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Hmm...that seems familiar to me. I think I already saw this before.

Why not use two label in a horizontal arrangement ?

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Because the thing I want to write there is long and won't fit in just 1 line. If I use 2 labels in arrangement, it won't go to the next line automatically. I can't use <br> or \n too.

I said I want to

I didn't said I want to

Edit: actually, I want to do this. but not with a ready code


Both of the phrases quoted by you in the previous post mean have identical meanings.

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you mean a new innovative extension idea to create ?

yes innovative idea only

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Well I have plenty of them dm me if you want

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Thank you for these extensions, if it's possible please create Firebase cloud messaging extension

This is also already created:

I will put that on my consideration list.

but as stated above

similarly for most of the extensions you have provided. Find something novel to do:


That extension is paid. I'm thinking about creating a free one.

I don't think that's hard actually.

You are creating helpfull extensions line by line and making it open source :+1: :+1:

  • the Network extension has features that aren't available, such as Ethernet.

  • the TextboxUtil extension is the only extension (currently that I can think of) that has the function to set hint color.

  • the Device extension has a lot of features that wasn't available.

  • the WebViewProgress is the only extension that detects loading progress of WebViewer.

  • the Blink, FadeAnimation, HtmlLoader and ClickTool extensions are open source for anyone to modify.

  • the ImageUtil extension is the only extension that can draw watermarks with custom fonts.

  • the FontTypeface extension is the only extension that changes the FontTypeface property dynamically.

  • the TextChanged extension is the only extension that can detect changes for buttons and labels. Also, it is open source for anyone to modify.

  • this extension and the ViewUtil extension have the ability to save the images in somewhere else, e.g. the Pictures folder. Also, they have extra functions for compressed format and quality.

Also worth mentioning that more than 70% of my extensions are open source. App Inventor is a platform for learning. We are here to learn.

Hope you understand me.

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@Gordon_Lu I need firebase OTP verification extension

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