Any advance extension Developer here!

Any advance extension Developer here means who can make an extension for all community members means for free :blush:

Can you write what exactly do you mean? There are hundreds if not thousands of different free extensions. Is something missing?

If you need an extension that is not listed, ask for it in the Extensions section.

I am interested :star_struck:
P.S: I love make free extensions :sweat_smile:
so what do you want ?

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He needs and VPN extension that can connect to servers.

where is the server?

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I was thinking about one extension and I have some java code to run but I am not java developer so I don't know much but any advance Developer can do this if yes then I will share my code for making an extension

VPN server available for free

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Link please

Yes, I am interested this site provides a free open vpn file to connect with VPN sever and just we have to call an activity to prepare the service

I have an video also to prepare a service like this

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And we don't have to run our app in background just have to call activity request to Android system after that Android system will run this in background service to connect with server username and password which provided by an open vpn file. This is possible

Can you make to me please extension applovin ads

Please start a new topic in the Extensions category to propose the extension.


Yes tell here what you want if any extension developer want then he/she definitely make for us.