Ant build fails on window64:Cannot run program "bundle" for Ruby

Look at the pictures i uploaded(use ant command):
Error Info: Execute failed: Cannot run program “bundle” (in directory “C:\Users\15500\IdeaProjects\appinventor-sources-mit\appinventor\docs\markdown”): CreateProcess error=2。

But I directly open cmd and run the command bundle install under the directory is normal:

What can I do for resolved it.

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I found that this does not affect the startup, my local gae debugging environment is ready to use.
Good Luck!

  1. As @Deng_Daocheng points out, the success of this step is not required. We check in both the Markdown and HTML versions of the documentation so that the bundle step can fail and the documentation still exist.

  2. The reason for the differences in behavior is likely due to different environments. IntelliJ will be looking up the bundle command via the Windows PATH environment variable whereas mingw32 will be using its own PATH. You will need to reconcile the two if you want to be able to invoke ant from within IntelliJ and have the bundle install step succeed.