Answer to an incoming phone call

It's possible with phone to make a phone call and to know if there is an incomming call...
but is there a way to answer to an incoming phone call ?

Yes It Is Possible

No, it Is not possible

PhoneCallStarted( status , phoneNumber )

Event indicating that a phone call has started. The status can be any of:

  • 1 : Incoming call is ringing ---> here is an incoming call !
  • 2 : Outgoing call is dialled

ok. i didn't found extension doing this. so you will find here mine
only 2 bloks


the first one to dismiss an incoming call or to stop a call
the second one to accept a ringing call

JmlPhoneCall.aix (5,8 Ko)
JmlPhoneCall.txt (2,9 Ko)
Telephone.aia (7,2 Ko)


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