Another newbie question, should be an easy one

How do I place a horizontal line break?
I tried creating a 5 pixel high image and stretching it to ‘Fill Parent’ but that was a disaster…

I’m not sure what do you mean by Horizontal line break.

But if you are referring to an aesthetic line separator on screen, then you have many options. You may use an Image, or a Canvas and draw a line or use a Label and fill it with hyphens etc.


Thank you, I think a canvas will suit my needs

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An horizontal or vertical arrangement with background color of your choice, set to 1 or 2 px height and fill parent width works as a line too. And I think it might use less memory than a canvas.

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Try this:

Hi Michael

Use a Label - it’s a simpler component.

My GUI tips and tricks:

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List Views and List Pickers have built in line breaks between Elements

cool! Bookmarked, i’ll read that sometime.