Another Business Math/App Inquiry

Hey, so my groupmates and I have very little skill or experience in using this so if you can help us with this we would be very thankful. I'm trying to figure out how to code this in but I have zero idea how. Does anyone have a clue on it?

This is not a platform where others should do your homework for you.
You should do it yourself.

  • go to your school library and find books related to business or financial math
  • read the examples in the math book that show how to calculate various things manually or with a calculator.
  • when you find an appropriate solution to the business activity, convert the process to Math Blocks
  • experiment with the Math Blocks until your Math blocks solution is the same as the answer in the book. :wink:
  • if you have problems, post the code you are having difficulty with and the process recommended in the math book to provide a solution. Then someone will be able to help.

Good luck.

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Do you know how to do this manually, on paper?

Show us an example with numbers.