AndroidX Library

Is It Possible To Make Extension Compatible With New AndroidX Library?
if yes then how can i do >
if no then when It Will Possible?

To quote Evan Patton from an earlier thread about this:

Certainly not in the near future and possibly not for quite a while. The problem as I see it with AndroidX is you also end up having to work with JetPack, which rewrites all of the dependencies to use AndroidX instead of the Android Support libraries. The three biggest issues here that I can see are:

  1. How this going to affect the older versions of Android?
  2. Is the rewrite safe (i.e., is it possible that a rewrite introduces a bug into a previously working library)?
  3. How do we integrate this into the build server, given that existing extensions might rely on the Android Support libraries? Basically, we will have to perform the rewrite on every extension on every compile because of out-of-date extensions.

Unfortunately I don’t think we’ll have much choice in the matter as I expect Google will stop publishing the Android support libraries altogether and force people to switch, at which point we may have no choice but to jettison support for older versions of Android in a very non-user-friendly way.

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so there no any way right?

I think Evan was very clear when he said, and i quote:

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ok , I WIll TRy Modifying once myself